Thursday, May 1, 2008

Studio Remodel Update

Finally, after three days of desperate hacking and yanking and hammering, my studio is finally re-done! Instead of torn vinyl wallpaper, I now have walls in a soft, golden brown color which makes me happy to be in my studio.

I kind of suspected that underneath the stained white carpeting I might find some lovely hardwood, and sure enough there it was! Yay!!! My house was built in the early 1900s, so it has wonderful amber-coloured hardwood elsewhere in the house, and now also in my studio. In the photo above, you can see it as it was being uncovered.

I also got some more storage thingies, so I can put things away (she sighed happily...). Amazing how much difference small changes can make.

Here is a photo of the studio now that it's finished (not the best photo, but hopefully you get the idea). I still have storage issues, as you can see from the boxes, but that's an eternal problem, not to be solved in this lifetime :) I always liked my studio, but now it's really a wonderful, peaceful space that I'm going to love working in.


Kiley said...


Waterrose said...

So glad that you got your studio! It's lovely.

moonbindery said...

Thanks, I'm very happy with it! Now that my studio is no longer a scary, dust-bunny-filled horror I'm not ashamed to have people see it, which is nice.

bookyeti said...

Lovely workshop! I always enjoy seeing other people's working space.

And what are peole thinking when they cover up such gorgeous hardwood floors!?! We had the same in our house (built in 1920 so it's got the gorgeous oak hardwood floors throughout the house) - covered with disgusting jazzy shag carpet. So glad we got rid of it when we moved in!

Dana Jones said...

that wood floor deserves a big happy happy joy joy dance!