Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Show of the Year

Did my first craft show this year in Vancouver, British Columbia (about a four-hour drive from where I live). It was a good show, so I'm happy. My husband made me some excellent book stands(this is a picture of one of them).

Doing attractive displays is a real art. I've tried different ways to display my work--some ideas were good, and some were definitely not good! I'm really happy with these stands, though--I think they'll work very well.


bookyeti said...

What great stands! :)
You're right - display counts for a lot. I haven't had need of a stand, but when I do, I'm sure it'll be quite the undertaking!

Kiley said...

Yes displays are always a challenge. The last show I did was a shared outside booth with no walls. I ended up making a plexiglass mini shelf to keep my books out of the rain. It worked out pretty well.

I love the display your husband made you!

Sarah said...

Your husband is a clever man! The display is beautiful, and it really compliments your work. Good luck at the craft fairs x

moonbindery said...

I did a craft market yesterday, and the stands worked really well. Now, I just have to get my husband to make a bunch more of them (hee, hee).