Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Hippie/New Age/Nature Journals

The ol' brain has been working overtime lately, and I've come up with some new leather journal designs. These are all kind of hippie, nature, and spirit - themed journals.
I've added leather bookmarks to some of them, and also, in this one, used eco-friendly banana fiber paper for the pages:

I've been planning to use some eco-friendly writing papers, but it took me some time to find papers that I liked. The banana paper has a nice, natural color, and little brown flecks:

I'm also doing some journals with ceramic pendants on the covers. This one has a wee owl design:


iNdi@na said...


Judith HeartSong said...

love LOVE the paper! Just made some stacked stones notecards on similar paper:):):)

moonbindery said...

That's so cool, Judith! I love your stacked stones artwork, and it must look so nice on the natural paper. :)