Friday, January 21, 2011

Eco-Friendly Journal and Some Other Stuff

Here we are in the depths of January, and I think I'm trying to deny it by making books with trees and birds and other things that make me think (prematurely, I'm afraid) of spring.

This is a journal I just added to my Etsy store that has eco-friendly paper. This paper is made from a mix of coffee fiber and recycled papers, and it has a kind of marbled or antiqued look. I added a leather bookmark with a tree of life charm:

This one has a little ceramic bird pendant on the cover:

I've also been making some new quote books. This has a quote on the first page by George Bernard Shaw -- a little inspiration for the new year:

"You see things, and you say 'Why?'"
I see things that never were,
and I say 'Why not?'"


Suze said...

I love your journels, they are so tactile...I could sit and just run my finger over them for ages. Add the Shaw quote and heaven is found!

Carol said...

Your eco-friendly paper is so nice, and complements your lovely leather covers. I like the addition of the bookmark.