Saturday, November 27, 2010

Away You Go...

Recently finished a big (24 notebook) order for a business. They will be giving them out as gifts to visiting speakers and other guests. I boxed up my little children and sent them off to their new home, but now, sadly, there's no time to sit around drinking eggnog and eat rum-soaked cookies, as the holiday shopping season is here, and I am busy making many more books for my Etsy store. Not that I'm complaining--it's good to be busy!

I vaguely remember reading a story when I was a child about elves who came at night to make shoes for a cobbler and his wife. When the cobbler woke up in the morning, lovely shoes would be finished and waiting. Where are those elves when you need them? :)


richard norman said...

Very well done, its one thing to bind a one off book, but rather another when you have to bind an edition.
The corporate gift market is huge, we made a range of leather stationery items, which found a happy home with many corporate clients.
I think you did an outstanding job and deserve any success you may find.



Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

oh do they ever look great all layed out like that...what a project!!!! wow!!

Anonymous said...

lucky, lucky corporate clients id say! nothing nicer than a handbound leather book. beautiful

Elissa said...

Congrats on the big order - it's a sweet little book army you have there!