Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Paper for Books

It's time once again to order text paper for my books, so I've spent time online in my unending quest for paper that is beautiful AND economical. Not an easy task. Paper is a major part of the expense of making my books, so even though I'm constantly tempted by yummy art papers, I have to restrain myself, so as to not make books that no-one can afford :(

Still, there are some lovely papers to be had: Arches Text Wove, Mohawk Superfine, Frankfurt..... Now, I just have to narrow down my choices and send off the order. The best part is when that lovely paper comes in the mail. I live in a somewhat remote part of British Columbia, so I do most of my shopping by mail, bookbinding supplies being pretty much impossible to come by here in town. Love opening the packages when they arrive....


pinga said...

the paper in the picture looks pretty yummy to me!
your books also look great

moonbindery said...

Thanks, Pinga...the paper in the picture is Teton, by Fox River. Great paper, but hard to get here in Canada, which is why I'm looking at other papers.