Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Books that are cut to pieces

Ran across another artist who literally deconstructs books (as well as music scores and other printed matter). Her name is Georgia Russell, and she uses a scalpel to cut books into new forms. It's interesting to see books that are "liberated" from their original form. I have mixed feelings--as someone who creates books, it feels a bit weird to see books cut to pieces, but she does such a beautiful job and the results are quite stunning. I'm guessing that she doesn't use books that are particularly valuable in themselves, and I like the idea of taking a book that would otherwise moulder away on a shelf somewhere (or get tossed into the garbage), and turning it into something that transcends its original form and content.


eb said...

I have a friend who does book deconstructions too. You can find her here:

moonbindery said...

Your friend does interesting work, eb. I especially liked "Waver." I'd love to see some of these deconstructed books up close.