Monday, January 14, 2008

Paper for Book Covers

Just got back from Vancouver, where I picked up some more handmade paper to use for the covers of some of my books. I love browsing through the paper stores, thinking about combinations I might use (I usually use two layers of handmade papers for the covers, so I'm always thinking about how papers might work together). Plus, I always come away with some paper that doesn't obviously go with anything else, but is just too beautiful, or cool, or weird to resist!

That's how I came up with my bird's nest book (I call it that because the hemp paper I use for the top layer makes me think of a bird's nest). I had the hemp paper for a while, just thinking about how I might use it. I also had some paper that had long strands of grass embedded in it--I loved how it looked, but it was kind of delicate, so I didn't want to use it for a top layer. Then it occurred to me to combine the hemp paper with the grass paper. The hemp paper make a perfect top layer--it's tough, and wonderfully textured, and the holes in it would let the grass show through. I loved the effect, but did wonder if anyone else would :) Turned out to be one of my most popular books--every time I make one, it sells quickly.

Unfortunately, I'm running low on the grass paper, and my usual stores have stopped carrying it. So for the time being I'm going to have to try some other combinations with the hemp paper, which will be fun. Can't wait to get started...

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