Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter's Tale Book

Just joined the TJBookarts weekly challenge over on Flickr:

Every week, a new theme is posted, and anyone who wants to take part (whether you are an expert bookbinder/book artist, or an enthusiastic amatur, or somewhere in between) makes a book that in some way reflects that theme. Cool, eh?

This week' s theme is "Winter." I dipped into my "Drawer of Mysteries" (the place where I keep bits of paper I love but haven't found a use for yet), and used some of the contents to make this book. The covers are made from a maroon Canal paper, and a paper I made myself from moss and tiger lilies. The inside paper is a snowy-white mulberry paper. The binding is hemp cord. The title of the book is "A Winter's Tale" typed on mulberry paper with my trusty old (early 1900s) Remington portable typewriter. I called it that, because the book (to me) represents an entire winter--the first page (with the moss and flowers on a white background) is the beginning of winter, when things are first beginning to be covered by snow; the middle section, pure white paper, is the rest of winter; and the last page (moss and flowers again) is the beginning of spring, when the snow melts and reveals what was underneath.


Carol said...

I've just found your blog via My Handbound Books blog and I wanted to say how much I like your Winter's Tale book. The handmade paper, which I think you made yourself is really beautiful. All the best, Carol

moonandhare said...

Thanks, Carol. I made the paper for the first and last pages of the book, from cotton linter and moss and tiger lilies that I gathered from my garden here in Kamloops, BC. The white paper is a Thai mulberry paper, and the covers are Canal paper made by Papeterie Saint-Armand in Quebec.