Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Egg Pop

One of my books has just been featured in another online publication, PopMatters, an international popular culture blog. This time, it's my edible book, made from eggs, fruit leather, and coffee beans, called "Breakfast of Champions." I was really pleased that they wanted to use a photo of my book to accompany this article on the International Edible Book Festival. Those eggs are really going places -- kind of an egg and fruit leather road show! :)


Rhonda said...


Dana and Daisy said...

you can have your book and eat it too.
sorry, that was bad.

Congratulations! It is so wonderful to see deserving people get recognition for their work!

Anonymous said...

Wow - neat idea (and I like the book's title!) Well done on the recognition too :D

moonbindery said...

Clearly I need to work more with eggs (lol!).
Don't think I could sell egg books in my Etsy store, though -- they might not smell too good when they arrive. :D

acornmoon said...

Well done you! It gives a new meaning to "Read, learn and inwardly digest", (That is what my school teacher used to instruct.)

Lucas said...

This is the first time I see your blog, and I just thought it is wonderful!! I really like your handbound books! I did two this year. But they're not so good. There's one in my blog.
Oh! I like reading Jane Austen too.