Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Incredible, Edible Egg Book

April 1 has become known not only as April Fools Day, but also as the day various groups worldwide have been hosting edible book festivals. I belong to BEST (Bookbinding Etsy Street Team), and this year we're having an online Edible Book Festival. Anyone can participate (children, as well as adults)--here are the rules:

1. All entries must be completely edible. They can be in the shape of a book, or "booklike" in some way, or inspired by a book title.

2. Upload photos of your creation to our BEST Edible Book Flickr group before midnight EDT on April 1st.

There will be awards! For more information, and photos of some edible books, check out the BEST blog.

Here is my entry, "Breakfast of Champions" :

I've made many, many books, but this was my first edible one.

-Cover: egg whites

-Pages: egg yokes

-Title: coffee beans

-spine: fruit leather


Elissa said...

I was wondering if you had considered using bacon instead of fruit leather...was that an intentional creative choice?

:) Elissa

moonbindery said...

Bacon is a good idea! Probably would taste better with the eggs than fruit leather :D

I used fruit leather because I liked how the red colour looked with the yellow and white of the eggs.