Monday, April 7, 2008

The Best Laid Plans....

...don't always work out the way you think! At the end of the first week of my vacation, I got a MONSTER head cold, so instead of repainting and generally beautifying my work studio as I had planned, I've been laying on the couch, hacking and wheezing, and generally feeling sorry for myself.

However, I am determined to triumph over that vinyl wallpaper and old carpeting! I'll just have to carve out some time to do it in the next two weeks or so. Thanks to all of you who commented in my previous post, and shared info about your studios. I'll be sure to post some "after" pics of my studio once the work is done.

In the meantime, there is one small area of my studio that I'm already very happy with, which is the cabinet pictured here, where I keep my binder's board and text paper. I got this cabinet from Jysk, which for those of you who don't already know, is a Danish store that's sort of like a lower-budget Ikea.

I had to go through a monumental wrestling match with the pieces to get the thing together (it was one of those "you-assemble" things, and I am not a "you-assemble" kind of person), but the memories and scars from the assembly process are finally fading :)

The shelves are nice and deep, and I love the glass doors--keeps out the dust, and I can still see what's inside.


Carol said...

Hi Barbara, thanks for visiting the barnacle goose. I appreciate your efforts to revamp your studio as I am trying to do the same thing, using big shelves and a couple of glass cabinets from Ikea. So far all I've done is make it much worse but I'm hopeful.

Waterrose said...

Oh, I just came back to see how your studio turned out...sorry to hear that you were ill. Hope you find time to start on it.

moonbindery said...

thanks, waterrose! I hope so, too! :)