Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Naming My Books

Been doing a bit of sorting and dusting in my Etsy store. I make hand stitched leather journals--all of the designs are variations on a medieval binding style called the "long stitch," but I can't keep calling them all "long stitch journals." Too confusing!
So I decided to give each style its own name.

I decided to call this one the "Medieval." I love this stitch--it's a bookbinding stitch that's been around for hundreds of years, and I love the idea of recreating old styles of books.

I named this one the "Venezia", because the first time I ever saw this binding was in Venice. I visited some bookbinders there (when I wasn't busy stuffing my face with lovely Italian food and drink, and gawking at the buildings), and decided I wanted to make books like this. It's another binding that's been around just about forever.

This one is the "Rustic." It has two shorter stitches in the middle of the spine, instead of one longer stitch (like the Venezia has). Just seemed like the right name for it.

It's been fun coming up with names. Get to think about the things that make me want to create books.


Waterrose said...

So beautiful. I visited the Getty a few years ago and there was an exhibit on bookbinding during the enlightenment period...stunning!

moonbindery said...

Thanks for your comment. I first got interested in making books by hand after working on a project in a rare book library...those old books are so beautiful!

Jodie said...

These are really pretty (especially the middle one) and I love that you're naming them. I always think a craft creation isn't complete until it has a name.

Lynda Lehmann said...

What gorgeous work!