Monday, March 10, 2008

Crafting Your Business:Making a Living in Crafts

Another useful book from my bookshelf is Donald A. Clark's Making a Living in Crafts. Clark is an owner of a high-end craft shop, and clearly knows plenty about the world of crafts. The book has good information on the nuts and bolts of the business end of being creative, including writing a business plan, pricing, and where and how to sell your art/crafts.

It also includes interviews with artists and gallery owners, who offer their advice.

One thing I find especially useful is a section at the end with worksheets, including ones to help you figure out pricing, costs , marketing costs, etc--the kind of thing us creative types sometimes don't stop to think about :)

My focus has always been to make the best books I possibly can, and this book (especially the worksheet part) has been really useful to helping me build a solid foundation for my business.

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