Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Traveling in Scotland

My husband attended a conference in Stirling, Scotland, last month, and I got to go along and just be a tourist. We stayed in a lovely old B&B called Kilronan House:

Later on, we moved to lodgings on the Stirling University campus. There was a beautiful lake in the middle of the campus, and I some happy hours walking around and taking photos of all the wildlife (Ok, confession time: this post isn't really about book arts at all. It's more about the fact that I'm a real softie where animals are concerned :)

Here is the lake:

and a sleeping duck:

And a tiny tree frog, who kindly, if somewhat reluctantly, posed for me:

A swan in the evening:

And a bunny, one of many, many, many, on the campus.

Can anyone tell my what kind of bird this is? It wasn't one I recognized:

To redeem myself on the book arts front, let me say that we did visit other cities in the U.K. on this trip, and I visited book arts-ish places in all of them. More posts to follow....


acornmoon said...

Scotland is always beautiful . Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Could your bird be a black headed gull? I can't judge the scale from your photo.

PG said...

I am 99% sure that it's a black headed gull... and while I have my nature nerd hat on, we don't have tree frogs over here, I think it is a lovely young toad by the looks of the rough, warty skin; you've got more chance of catching a toad anyway, frogs are so - hoppy!
Looking forward to seeing your other adventures - hope you managed to catch some of the sun we've been having, further south.

moonbindery said...

Thanks for revealing the identity of the black headed gull, acornmoon and pg! I was very curious about them. Also good to know about the toad--it was a lovely little thing.