Friday, March 19, 2010

Cherry Wood Book

Just finished another Coptic book with wooden covers. This one is made from quarter sawn cherry wood, with a piece of mica inset into the cover.

I used an old time finish on the wood (thanks to Jim Croft, who brewed it up). It's made of beeswax, pine pitch, and raw linseed oil. I just rubbed it in with my fingers, then buffed it with a soft cloth.

When I got the piece of wood, one edge was rough (on the right side in the photo). I decided to leave it that way when I cut the book covers.


Amanda said...

Beautiful book covers, love the mica insert and rough edge. Looks like you could do with some rain over there...maybe I could send some your way, we're expecting a cyclone shortly.

Judith HeartSong said...

Oh this is beautiful!!!!

Velma said...

nice board books...i hope you sent jim photos! he'd be proud of what you're doing.