Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NowPublic Feature Photos

Someone from NowPublic, an online participatory news network, contacted me yesterday to see if they could use some photos of my books for an article on how keeping a journal can help with stress. If you'd like to see the article, click here (to see my photos, you need to click on the little "see all footage" link at the bottom left side of the article).

The NowPublic article comments on a news article from the Guardian Online called "Keeping a diary makes you happier". According to the Guardian article, "Brain scans on volunteers showed that putting feelings down on paper reduces activity in a part of the brain called the amygdala, which is responsible for controlling the intensity of our emotions. Psychologists who discovered the "Bridget Jones effect" said it worked whether people elaborated on their feelings in a diary, penned lines of poetry, or even jotted down song lyrics to express their negative emotions."

The studies showed that men particularly benefit from journal writing. One of the scientists involved in the study speculated that it is because men are generally less likely to express their feelings in words. Interesting....


Dana and Daisy said...

And wouldn't it be nice if they ordered a journal from you for everyone on their gift list next year? In advance?

that is a nice feeling getting that attention and says something about your photography talents, too!

.suz. said...

It is gorgeous! You have so much talent :] I'd be standing in line, but unfortunately...the economy has crunched and my job was done away with recently...ugh.

I've saved your etsy site though...I will own one before long! :]

moonbindery said...

Sorry to hear about your job going away, suz. A lot of people are dealing with that right now. Hope things get better for you soon!

Gayle said...

Barb your journals are just beautiful and original. I am a journalerer from way back. I can't not journal. It gives me an outlet. I will be ordering one of yours for sure and for my journalling friends.
Love you!