Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beautiful Books

Went on a quick trip to the coast this past weekend, and in Bellingham, Washington (one of my very favorite cities) at Village Books (one of my very favorite independent bookstores) I picked up a copy of 500 Handmade Books, published by Lark Books.

Loads of inspiration here--I spent a happy evening just drinking tea and leafing through the pages, looking at all the beautiful work by other bookmakers.


Dana Jones said...

hey I haven't seen this gem before, now I have a reason to go book shopping! (as if I needed one)

acornmoon said...

Hi, another book for my wish list!

The books that you made in your last class look very interesting, I love anything medieval, I am very intrigued by this method of stitching? Hmmm.

bookyeti said...

Isn't it an awesome book! I'm so glad I bought it. So inspiring. :)

Sally said...

Yes, very beautiful book.