Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yart Sale

Some of us over on Etsy are having a yart sale. Yup, a yart sale. It's an online yard sale with an artistic bent (yard + art = yart). I am offering 65% off on some guest books, plus 50% off on a journal. They all have small imperfections, which is why they went into my yart sale.

Through making these books, I learned two important lessons.

One, when you buy price stickers that are supposed to be removable, test them out on a piece of scrap paper. Otherwise, you will have an otherwise perfectly nice book that has a little spot of sticky residue if you take the price sticker off. :/

Two, always, always, double check that the grain of your paper is running in the right direction before gluing you book together. I made about five guest books in one go a while back, and later realized that they all had some puckering in the first couple of pages because I hadn't checked the grain.

So, my slightly-less-than-perfect creations are going into the yart sale, and hopefully off to new owners who feel that a few puckers and a price sticker on the last page that can't be removed just gives them a bit of extra character. Or something like that. :D


acornmoon said...

The books look very lovely regardless. Life would be a lot simpler for bookbinders if paper did not stretch and shrink. I have done the same thing many times, also glued a text block in upside down!

Rima said...

A great idea, the Yart sale :)
I found out about checking grain direction after making mistakes like this too!
Grr.... Lovely work as always :)

moonbindery said...

Yes, and there's always that moment when you realize what you've done, and you think to yourself "I'll just stick this book in the press now, and maybe when I take it out, the puckers will be all pressed out." But they never are :D